Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Daily 25 second page - 29 (30/31 are documenting pages I will not be posting)

Welcome....  the journey through December has almost come to an end for this first time DD person.  I am so happy to have taken the leap and completed my DD. ;) 

Day 25 Second Page
 For noon I spend Christmas Day with my Mom's family.  It has been a tradition for many years to have an ice cream making contest between my Dad and cousin.  My Dad has always won with the crank ice cream maker over the electric maker.

Day 26

 Santa takes a break and watches Christmas chick flicks all day in her pjs! :)  We received more snow today.  I did not take pictures...  so I cut the two above photos from a magazine. 

Day 27
 Time to take the tree down, and clean house.  It was kind of a lazy day after that... catching up on DD pages.

Day 28
 It snowed again this day...  I still needed to scrap our favorite books.

Dec 29

 More snow and cold.... now this is the December we normally have! 
I have completed the 30th and 31st with my documentation! 
  • December 30th I documented my goal I set for 2014... It was to get my youngest 2 sons books caught up!!!  Dance of joy taking place now!!!  I have 5 more layouts to do of my oldest (besides Christmas this year) and I'm caught up with him also!    

  • December 31st I have documented my goals for 2015...  Scrapping related: 
    • 1. I want to stay caught up with my sons, 
    • 2. Get caught up with my "Life after 50" book to document my view of life I started in October when I turned 50 ;) , and 
    • 3. Scrap my vacations that I have taken with my parents for 2011 & 2012. (I have 2013 almost completed so I will finish before I go to the other 2 years.)
 So my DD is finished!!!  Now to get photos printed so I can document Christmas for my sons.  


  1. Wow, your DD is all finished for this year and your tree is down, how great is that! My DD is done too, but I still have my tree up. You did such a great job this year and thank you so much for posting all the free printables for us on the DDIG FB page. Happy New Year Denise! :)

    1. Thank you Sue! I'm excited to move onto winter photos. I'm so glad December is over! The DD helped me look at the good things that take place during the month!