Friday, November 21, 2014

December Daily First 7(9) Pages Done

Welcome scrappy friends!!!  I know the title is a bit confusing...  I will share with you today 7 completed base pages.  The other two bases will be photos that I will add embellishments onto the photo.  They will be the picture of my Christmas tree with presents, and a photo of my boy's boots, gloves, and my scarf. 

I want to remind you that I am trying to use items up in my stash so some of these items on these pages will be quite old.

The first base:
This page will document my 2 sons putting up our Christmas tree.  The cards at the left are from cut apart sheets.  The stocking ornaments are from a Simple Stories collection and the "trim the tree" is from a newAC Holiday 6x6 pad I purchased just for my December Daily.  The bag of metal circles and tab at top were given to me by a scrapbooking friend.  The "Around the Christmas Tree" vintage Christmas ticket is a free printable that can be found here.  I will have more of these tickets throughout my DD.  The rest are scraps from my stash.

My second base:

This page will document a tree lighting ceremony that is taking place in my community.  Everything is scraps from my stash.  I made the 2 trees myself.  The instructions to make trees can be found here.

The third base:
This page will document when we take down the Christmas tree.  It is a very time consuming job.  I have bought my sons ALMOST every year an ornament so that when they move out and are on their own they can take a little piece of our family Christmases with them.  Plus it is a great start to help them decorate at least a tree for Christmas.  This will be a part of my documentation on this page, also. Scraps were used except for the 4x6 card from Simple Stories and the tiny alpha are from different sticker sheets that I have cut apart years ago.

The Fourth base:
This page will be put into my DD upon receipt of my first Christmas card.  It is a pocket page.  The post card is from Simple Stories cut apart page.  The other embellishments are just random items I have been placing into a Christmas tin as I was doing Christmas pages over the years. My favorite part is the tiny envelope I filled with a scrap piece of green card stock. 

My fifth base:
I just realized the Santa sticker did not make it onto this base.  I will remedy later...  As you can see this is where I will be putting the Christmas lists for this year.  The cut apart card and label are from Elle's Studio, the Christmas lists are a free printable that can be found here, and the chalkboard tag is another free printable you can find here.  The papers are from my stash.

My sixth base:
This base will document the first snow in December and the temperature that day.  The background paper is by Creative Imaginations, the snowflake and label tag were given to me by a scrapbook friend.  The thermometer is from here

The seventh base:
This base will document a "snow day".  Everything was given to me except the "Counting Down the days of December" calendar which is a free printable.  You can find it here.  I will be circling the date of the "snow day" so it stands out more than the circled 25th. 

Ok that is enough for this post... time to go make more bases. :) 


  1. Love it! You are doing so much planning. I'm just winging it. lol

    1. Since this is my 1st DD I want to make sure I get everything into this album that I enjoyed about December... I want memories from both my childhood and my sons. Then if I continue with this process every year I can document how things have changed and stayed the same. Plus I have to have a plan. I give myself permission not to use a page if I do something else I want to include. lol

  2. The fourth page where you will place Christmas cards is my favorite! I really like that idea. And thanks for the links to the printables! I can never seem to find any. :)

    1. The Christmas cards that I receive are mostly photo greetings. Then I can see the changes in my friends families as each year goes by. :)

  3. Wow such lovely prep work Denise and thanks so much for all the links to printables. I just love the termometer one -- it is a constant topic of conversation in southern Quebec LOL

    1. Thank you Moira! I will be posting more free printables on the facebook page whenever the blogs I follow share one.